I have grown up with my nose in books and started expressing my thoughts in the written word early. Nowadays I write especially on the road. On my journey the words about interpersonal and travelling experience come and go to the paper they find. In the search for my very own style, stories of all kinds are created in text form. Poems, prose texts and book kick-offs. Some of this work you can find here, or go to Browse or read some of my published texts.

What is most important to me is the beauty, and also a form of simplicity in the text. Understandable phrases that touches honestly and perhaps leads into worlds that you did not know until yet. As English is not my mother tongue I use sometimes phrases and ways to express that seem to not fit with the original English English. But I am always open for tips and critics about my way to work with other languages.

Texts, Poems, Work in Progress

A life of Fun

You are the one who is sensitive and full of feelings.
All the others must be hard and careless.
I am hard and careless.

You are the one who has the biggest problem.
All the others must feel free and happy.
I am free and happy.

You are the one who is tired and in a break down.
All the others must be better of and full of power.
I am better of and full power.

Why do you think you are different to me?
Why do you think you are better?
But same time you love me for what I am.



Soul Moment

My soul seems to be a secret for you
So is yours for me

I couldn‘t love you more
But still you are not me
Can’t understand what I see and feel

Small moments are the world
Moment against Future
Now against Future

Wild life and home seem to be incompatible
Only in the moment it can exist
Only in this moment I can feel what is real



What can

Can you know
what will be
what will be

Can you feel
what is it
it is

All the difference
between you and me
between yesterday and tomorrow

You wanna know
what it is
you wanna know what comes next

But deep inside you know
only this moment will last

(Forever ?)


Publications and more


At the moment I am working on larger writing projects, but I also like to take part in readings, writing projects or other things. Here is a small list of verbal expression, with my own texts or texts from others. Until now I have written mostly in german, but I have put some texts here that are in english and not published or perfectly ready. As English is not my mother-tongue the texts have their own sometimes strange way of using words and phrases.

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