About me and Herzkasperl

I have studied communication science and development research in Vienna. I am interested in every single part of how to express feelings and ideas and how to change the world in something better. Next to my studies at the university I discovered the world of methods from Living Theatre, Clowning, Music, Mime Corporel/Physical Theatre and Theatre of the oppressed.

During the last years I made a lot of experiences in living and working within and for different groups and communities and I like to focus on the needs of the people I work with. My interests in my art works lie in the expression of the deepest human troubles and dreams. My own task is always to find out how can we go deeper with our own way of artistic and creative expression and communication and to find out how could that be useful for more than the moments in a workshop or on the stage.

Some years I lived in Hofkollektiv Zwetschke www.hofkollektiv.zwetschke ( Homepage only in German) right now my home base is Berlin. But I travel a lot in between other worlds and places to give workshops to receive new ideas to play on stages or streets.

A lot of work is based on trust and moneyless exchange so far and leads to its very own artistic existence. This sometimes requires a lot of organizational effort, a lot of patience as well as satisfaction with not yet finished work. I am happy to bring these into practice in order to to continue to dream up art and society.

Other facts and figures:

• Grown up in Wedemark/Hanover
• Studied International development and communication science in Vienna (focus on political theatre). Teaching at the university
• Worked as a youth supervisor, waitress, herdswoman and much more
• Autodidactic and self – taught training in the fields of clowning, theatre of the oppressed, theatre pedagogy, Mime Corporel Dramatique, Living Theatre, Creacion Collectiva, improvisation theatre and more.

Why Herzkasperl?

The name has emerged from a shyness of self-expression (in the Austrian language Herzkasperl means heart attack but also “Herz” means heart and “Kasperl” is a kind of harlekin/clown). Herzkasperl express the love behind my actions and should show how to take things with humour. The name emerged during a conversation that once again showed that I do not stand alone in my artistic expression. It‘s not just me. There are always many more that spin the web and many are welcome to continue with me. One Herzkasperl, many Herzkasperl.


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