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I am happy to share the knowledge and experience with practical methods : My approach to  workshops is courageous, critical and empathetic. I always work with the aim of giving artistic techniques which those attending can use straight away. I see creativity as an essential precondition for communication and social change.

Here you will find an overview of topics and methods, on/with which we could work in workshops, lectures or similar formats. Some of my teachers so far: Sanjoy Ganguly (Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) India), Birgit Fritz (TO Vienna), Maria Nora (Living Theater), Hector Aristizábal (TO), Keith Johnston (Impro Theatre), Anke Gerber Pantomime), Oliver Pollak (Mime Corporel Dramatique), Carlos Zatizabal (Creacion Collectiva), Lila Monti (Clown), Peter Shiner (Clown), Norman Taylor, Andrea Tiziano and others. I also learnt about group dynamics at the University of Vienna and I have experience in university teaching. Previous workshops and performances for example at the World Forum Theatre Festival India and Austria, Kinderschutzsymposium Vienna, working with groups of German minorities, environmental organisations, queer groups …

Clown workshop- how do I see the clown?
A clown is a person, a role, something full of love and life. Clowns can be honest right to the end and for them the world is a party and a big drama at the same time. The clown inside you can learn how fast emotions can change and how far you can get if you see everything as a wonderful game, every person and object becomes something very special. Everything that you do as a clown counts, so every decision impacts on the whole world. Try to feel and breath your inner clownish self and how you can act and react in a easy but really stupid way. Make the world your party.

Theatre of the oppressed (TO) Workshops
With experiences of living and working with in and for different groups, networks and communities I focus on the needs of the people I work with. My interests lie in the expression of the deepest human troubles and dreams. My own task is always to find out how can we go deeper with our own approach to creative expression and communication which are made even more useful for the the precious moments in a workshop or on the stage.(?)The different methods of TO make it possible to work with exercises that leads you back to your senses. Show you your own every day roles and inner structures and how to break unwanted structures. With the help of story telling exercises, through the medium of image theatre you can start to tell your stories through the body and with reflection of your mind and transform these individual stories to a communal group story.

Possible are also these workshops:
* Theatre of the oppressed (TO): Forumtheater
* TO: Rainbow of Desires/
* self-organisaztion / hierarchy
* MUSTAT idleness and activity. Mostly with someone from the collective Hofkollektiv Zwetschke
* common economy / joint economy

Topics to be covered:
Confidence, limits (setting, protecting, widening), sense exercises, movement games, exclusion / inclusion / prejudice, everyday routines of a self and others- see / understand / break through, group dynamics, communication, status, individual / social conflicts, exercises for differentiation, opposites , co-operation, humour, failure, playful approach to new / old, access to feelings, show themselves, spontaneity / openness;

Camps on topics such as queer lifestyle, environment, hierarchy. Festivals, hotel, communities in establishing, group dynamics, university teaching

Who are the workshops for?
Suitable for adults, young people and children with or without previous knowledge or artistic background.  Techniques can be also used for artistic work and can bring new aspects to any sort of expressive works. Workshops can be useful for people who work in educational fields, for community workers or people who are active in political areas. The methods can be interesting for artistic work with, for example, actors, as well as for people in educational areas and social workers.

I like to work together wit social workers, therapists and others who are specialised on  tpoics or needs of people. I like to work with new partners but also know a lot of qualified people from different areas I can work with, please asked for i

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