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Translation Lyric Clownsong
Work in Progress


It is not easy to be a clown in daily routine
It is very nice to be a clown

The tearing of a pack becomes a problem
that eats the whole day
stumbling and falling becomes regularity

Get up again is still fun but sometimes painful
the bump/knob stays and becomes a new game

I am not always funny
but feelings weight a lot ( for me)
I realised
best is to reach my goal with laughter

whatever that is
the goal and the reason

I like to talk with a full mouth and enjoy to spit
I live not only for a sparkle
no I live to fully enjoy what’s up and what’s coming

my purse I lost three times
in the last 10 days
So I do not need a ID I think
because if I am not able to keep this shit with me
It can not be so important

It is not easy to be a clown in everyday life
It is very nice to be a clown in everyday life

everything looks different to me
there will be a jar like a gate
the gate becomes a river
the river will be a meadow

my friend turn into chinchilla
and everyone else in gorilla

where the party there I am
and most often I think I am the party itself



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