Cry if you need to, but do it with a friend don’t let them know that you can’t

Between a profound and concise style. Cool curiosity meets compassionate willpower. A sick heart, but also deep and lovely joy, appear in the songs of Herzkasperl. Own lyrics, performed with guitar, accordion and vocal expression. Songs are performed in English (be prepared that it is not only the super correct official english) and German. Sometimes also with the accompaniment of friends. Music Performances that move between thoughtfully melancholic and funny, and in any case seek their own sound and space. My Album Stille.Tränen. is out now! You can get in on Bandcamp or Patreon where you can support me with a montly support and follow me with my new ideas etc pp:

Please write me if you are interested in cooperation projects: punk rock, rocksteady, metal, or theatre and film music, I can imagine a lot and I have some experience in the various fields. On Facebook and under Gallery you will find materials on various projects. Upcoming concerts you can find here: Dates

For booking please send an email to herzkasperl (at) oder: Kontakt

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